Form Tools Documentation

Click one of the sections below for more information about that topic. If you find any errors or inconsistencies in any of our documentation, please click the page's "feedback" link - or edit the file yourself on github! For documentation about a specific module, see the Modules section.

New to Form Tools and not sure where to start? Look no further! Getting Started

This contains information about how to use 2.1.x and later of the core script. It includes a discussion of all the Core features, what's changed since the 2.0.x branch, what's now available and how it works.
How to install Form Tools on your web server.
How to upgrade Form Tools.
This section documents the API functions written for things like integrating Form Tools with your multi-page forms, adding CAPTCHAs, displaying image files - and other tasks like creating and modifying user accounts via PHP rather than through the Form Tools UI.
Hands-on tutorials on a variety of subjects. Feel free to add your own!
Want to develop your own modules? Great! Here's some instructions on how to get started, including some tips and tricks and a couple of "Hello World" modules for something more "hands-on".
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